8 tips for making your instagram bio standout

Instagram bios can be so hard and frustrating. If you’re anything like me, you want it to be perfect, but it’s hard to make it niche specific, get the point across that you want and keep it within the word limit. Here are some helpful tips on how to create your instagram bio to truly stand out!

1. Include your tagline

Your tagline helps your audience know, in seconds, whether they want what you offer. This is their first impression of who you are and what you do. First impressions are EVERYTHINGGG on social media!

2. Keep it short and sweet

Space (and words) are limited. Use bullet points or tab down when starting a new point to make it easy to read. TIP: if it’s hard or confusing to read, viewers will just completely skip over it.

3. Use emojis

I know, emojis might not seem like the most professional thing to use in your bio, but it’s a chance to show some personality. Choose the emojis you use wisely, but USE THEM!

4. Add something personal

You want to look like a “whole” person. Are you a mom? A DIY’er? Do you love going to the beach when you aren’t working? Include something that is completely unrelated to work. This will make you relatable and show you are real person.

5. Share your name & business name

If your username and your bio headline are both your company name (or personal name), change one. For example: my username is @breckandco and my headline is Social Media Mentor + Manager. This helps people get to know you AND your business, at the same time.

6. Get specific

Pay close attention to your categories. For example you could choose “fashion” but that’s really broad. If there’s a way to get more specific, DO IT!

7. Include a link & a call to action

Use these actions to invite people to get in touch with you to set up a discovery call, or you could even link to your Facebook Group, Email list orrrr your website! The goal is to encourage people to connect with you further so be specific on what they will be getting!

8. Highlight your unique selling proposition

What’s your unique selling proposition? Tell your viewers what makes you different. You can also use your highlights to really push your unique selling proposition.

I would love to see what you come up with! DM me on instagram and show me your bio, or if you have any questions!






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